Creative Impulse Documentary Production: A story about 30-year-old European and his reasons for being a HELPER.

No matter what label I have, be it REFUGEE or HELPER, my core is being HUMAN. Here we are all the same. It is here we should all meet.

Still in postproduction.

Creative Impulse unterstützt mit dieser Video-Produktion das Fundraising Projekt des Vereins Yoga für alle e.V.

LANGENACHTDESYOOOGA oder Yoganacht ist ein Fundraising Event, die Erlöse fliessen in soziale Yogaprojekte. (2017)

Creative Impulse Video Production for Crowdfunding Campagne: "With Dance for Equality of Gender and Races" – a Project created to inspire people for other cultures and raise consciousness about gender issues through dance and scientific/cultural workshops. (2017)

Creative Impulse Video Production: The AcroYoga Flashmob Zürich was realised on the 7th of May 2017 within the Zürich Tanzt festival under the lead of Salvatore Daniele from

Creative Impulse as Editor of Sexpresso Online Magazine with informational purposes and opinion exchange between open minded and open hearted people who want to live sexual healthy life and build a positive attitude towards human sexuality. (2009-2014)

World Sexual Health Day  World Association for Sexual Health (WAS)Supporting WSHD in Croatia on the streets of Zagreb and online:

“To achieve sexual health, picture yourself owning your sexual rights”.  (2013)